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We have over 200 web developers on our payroll. These are all in-house employees and not freelancers! Our selection, training, and project management programs ensure that only the best developers make the cut.

Using the best tools available, we provide web app development, migration services, website maintenance and upgrade projects. Our dedicated team of developers ensures that you get your projects delivered in time and with the requisite quality. You can hire a single web developer or a team of developers.

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Why Hire Web App Developers From OVE?


When you choose to hire a web app developer; we are your best choice because first of all, OVE is 100% transparent in all communications. And secondly, our processes are well defined and fine tuned according to client needs globally. Besides that, all our development work is driven by proper documentation so that you have complete peace of mind.

70% Cost Savings | 99% Positive Reviews | Only Full-Time Employees

Integrity & Transparency: We follow NDAs strictly and everyone of our team
members is committed to the highest ethics

Integrity & transparency

Your idea is safe with us as we respect your secrecy. Our teams work transparently and follow strict NDAs.

4+ Years of average experience

Each one of our staff members has more than 4 years of experience on international projects.

No Obligation Quote

Feel free to get a quotation for your project from us. No obligation, no strings attached.

Project Management

When you hire resources from us, you not only get the best skills but also a Project Manager at no extra cost!

Daily Status Reports

To assure you of full transparency, our team sends daily status reports so that you can track the actual work status.

Flexible Engagement

You can hire developers on full-time, part-time or hourly payment basis. It's all your choice..


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Hiring Web Developers With OVE




When you choose to work with us, we will be glad to offer you flexible terms of engagement such as

Fixed Price Model

If you have a one-time project and would like to get a fixed cost, then this is the best option for you. It is a one-time fixed payment contract.

  1. No Fixed Cost
  2. Flexible Engagement Models
  3. Milestone-based Payments
  4. Code Ownership

Dedicated Team

If your requirement is to work dedicatedly on a long-term project, then this is the best option for you. It is a monthly rolling contract with a fortnightly payments cycle.

  1. No Fixed Cost
  2. Flexible Engagement Models
  3. Milestone-based Payments
  4. Code Ownership

Hourly Unfixed Model

This is a pay-as-you-use model, wherein you pay for the actual amount of hours put in by the developers.

  1. No Fixed Cost
  2. Flexible Engagement Models
  3. Milestone-based Payments
  4. Code Ownership


Our Web App Development Expertise


When you choose an Optimal Virtual Employee, you can be rest assured that you will be hiring the creme de la creme of the Indian web app developers. They are specialized in delivering highly sophisticated projects within tight deadlines. Their experience encompasses a wide range of industrial verticals.


We have built HIPAA-compliant web apps for claims processing, medicare management, and telemedicine consultants.


We have made over two dozen e-commerce apps for lifestyle brands, apparel brands, grocery stores, and hardware stores.


We have developed secure web apps for finance companies, banks, mutual funds as well as insurance comparison sites.


We have extensive experience in building solutions for travel and tourism such as hotels, taxi, adventure & recreation.


We have helped several traditional companies digitize their content offerings, such as magazines, videos, movies & music.


Our developers have worked on a multitude of e-learning apps for schools, colleges, vocational institutes, and exam preparation.


Our Web App Development Technologies


Optimal Virtual Employee provides a wide range of certified and full-stack web developers from its wide talent pool of resources. We are adept at using the best online tools and technologies to ensure a quality product delivery.


We have over 50 developers who have developed feature-rich international web apps on ASP .NET technology.


Our well-experienced web developers are adept at building enterprise apps on ROR to keep you ahead of the curve.


We have a wide talent base of PHP developers who have built excellent codes for sophisticated website applications.


Our certified Laravel developers have built efficient and scalable web apps based on PHP Laravel technology framework.


We have expert web app developers who build excellent and robust web applications in Symfony.

Angular js

Our creative frontend developers have mastered the art of making world-class web apps using AngularJS.


We have capable designers who have hands-on experience with frontend development using ReactJS.


Our experienced developers build web app Apps with Node.js that keeps you resilient in the face of rapid technology changes.


Our veteran Java developers work tirelessly to create robust and scalable web apps using Java technologies..


We have talented blockchain developers who build secure web apps such as wallets, crypto currencies and smart contracts.


Our well-experienced web app developers have proven expertise in building chatbots for all types of businesses.

Artificial Intelligence

We have expert developers who use machine learning and deep learning techniques for AI-based apps.


Our Web App Development Samples


We have had the honor of working for some awesome clients globally. Here, you can see the stellar job that our developers have done for them. They have put in their heart and soul into the work so that it stands out!


Decade Delivering OTT Media

Basebone has been a digital content media-services provider since 2007. Today our flagship product Baseplay is the culmination of proprietary technology in the areas of Content Management, Mobile Billing, Advertising and Anti-Fraud.


GrowthEngine Media

GrowthEngine Media was formed in 2013 with the goal of delivering high-quality search engine marketing to small- and medium-sized businesses in Canada.


About the LegRoom

As most technical directors and digital managers will appreciate, finding and keeping a hold of the right resources can become an ongoing challenge.


Telco Retail is Our Calling

Maplewave is the premier provider of software and retail optimization services for the telecommunications (telco) industry. Since the early 1990s, we’ve purpose-built our products and services to solve telco’s unique challenges.


Work with us

We live in harmony with our friendly neighbourhood ad agencies, design studios and media buyers.

The Energy Collab

Oil Diversity Global

The Energy Collab is a digital platform designed to address these specific requirements and provide you with the solutions.


Artform Platform

Every artform is different and every different artform can have a different platform, in the form of many categories and sub categories.


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